One of the largest job & career fairs in Denmark

Mød veluddannede studerende

Meet highly educated talents

The Career Days is one the largest job and career fairs in Denmark targeted highly educated students and newly graduates. Every year in week 10, the Career Days visit Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen, where more than 8,000 dedicated students and graduates drop by. The Career Days provides students and graduates with relevant and exclusive information on their career prospects. By participating in the Career Days, you get the opportunity to advise students and graduates on their career choices. You get to brand your company, its core values, career opportunities, and to attract the best and most suitable candidates.

Brand your company

By participating in the Career Days, you get the opportunity to discover new talents for eg. graduate programmes, permanent employments, student jobs, project employments and trainees. You are able to brand your company, career opportunities, job vacancies and screen talents. You get to extend your talent pipeline, integrating the Career Days as a strategic part of your employer branding activities.

Øg kendskabet til jeres virksomhed
8000 besøgende på job og karrieremessen

8,000 visitors a year

The fair is held in Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. The program is studded with career events, workshops, inspirational talks and helpful input for your job search. The fair is intensively marketed toward students and newly graduated via universities, other higher education institutions, trade organizations, job databases, job portals and student organizations. Theseefforts help secure that more than 8,000 students and graduates visit the career fair every year. The most direct marketing activities of the Career Days are ensured via the career fair catalogue, articles in relevant trade publications, posters, flyers, sampling activities at various campuses, banners, trade events as well as direct e-mails sent out via career centers in the educational institutions.

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Branding opportunities at the fair

Job Gallery
CV check
Business showcase
Employer Branding video
Career magazine

Each year, we designate an area on the fair to our Job gallery. Here, you are able to display your job vacancies.
The purpose of the Job gallery is to provide students and newly graduates with extended opportunities to address companies at the career fair. In return, as participating company, you get the opportunity to reach all the right candidates.
The Job gallery works as a job portal on the fair, where companies have the opportunity to present the following job types:

• Job vacancies for newly graduated – permanent employment
• Job vacancies for newly graduates – project employment
• Graduate programmes
• Trainee positions
• Student jobs
• Internships
• Student projects
• Thesis collaborations
• Mentor programmes
• Etc.

At the CV check, your company’s HR consultants can team up with other job experts on consulting students and graduates, one-on-one, in do’s and don’t’s writing CVs and applications. Being part of the consulting-team is free for participating companies.

Provide students and graduates at the fair with input and inspiration to their CV- and application writing – it is the perfect way to meet new talents.

In the CV area:

• Every consultant has a table for two hours per fair (contact us for extra time)
• Experienced HR experts and professional career consultants from trade unions, companies and organizations checking students’ CVs
• There will be an assistant in the CV area matching interest of students with consultants

Contact us for more information about curriculum vitae checking area at the Career Days.

Reach your targeted audience at the Career Days with a business showcase/presentation.
At our career fair, you have the opportunity to showcase your business and get even greater exposure to students and graduates visiting Career Days.

In a closed-off area at the career fair you will have the stage for yourself for 25 minutes, where you can present future prospects of career in your industry, employment opportunities in your company, the latest buzz in your industry or other topics that are important within your company or organization.
Fair participants will see an overview of all the business presentations in “Programme of the day” at the Career Days. Furthermore it will be announced here on our webpage and our social media.

In-between the 25-minutes business showcases at the Career Days you have an opportunity to show your Employer branding video.

Business showcases have a high attendance/visitor rate, which means your employer branding video will be seen by hundreds of students and graduates during the fair.

Your employer branding video will be shown at least once before every business showcase – the employer branding videos will be running in loop, when there are no business presentations.

Contact us for more information about the opportunity to show an employer branding video at the Career Days.

A free Career Magazine is distributed at Danish higher education institutions weeks up to the Career Days event. The Career Magazine is also being handed out at the fair, as well as it is available online here at our webpage and our social media.

In the magazine you will find ads from companies and organizations participating in the Career Days, fair stalls, lecture programmes and articles about how to “work” career fairs as a job-seeker. The vast majority of our customers choose this marketing opportunity for further corperate and employer branding.

Our user survey shows that the students are using the magazine in preparation for the job and career fair and as job search inspiration. Furthermore, it shows that ads are being used to pick a company to talk to at the career fair and as job search inspiration.

The career magazine is also known to be saved for later use, which extends your employer branding life cycle. An ad in the career magazine is yet another way to differentiate your business from the other companies and organizations participating in the job and career fair. Besides it is a great opportunity to get national exposure, as the magazine is promoted in four largest cities in Denmark (and online).

We, our customers and our collaborators are very active on our social media at the fair and weeks up to the fair, making awareness about Career Days taking place in four largest cities in Denmark. Sharing your company’s content on our social media before, during and after the Career Days is something that we encourage. Contact us and we will send you text/image/video specifications for content shared on our social media.

See what we are up to and feel free to follow Career Days on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube og Instagram.

Student profiles at Career Days

The Career Days is a job and career fair for students and graduates searching for internships, mayor project, thesis collaborators, part time or full time hire etc. Is your company or organization searching for newly graduated talents with background in engineering, economics, computer science, business, languages or other academic degrees? The Career Days is the right place for you to meet them.

IT, engineers & Science39%
Economy, Revision, Business & Marketing32%
Law, Politics & Society11%
Liberal Arts12%

Talent Registration at the Career Days

When you meet new talents at The Career Days, it is important to maintain an ongoing conversation with this target audience and potential new hires. Our talent database, Talent Relationship Management (TRM), enables flexible and effective management of all your new connections.

Talent Relationship Management
Talent Relationship management (TRM) allows you flexible and effective management of students and graduates. TRM can be used to select and rank the students that your company meets over time in a database that can be accessed 24-7. Data collection for your Talent Relationship Management database can be made by personal contact via fairs, career events and other face-to-face activities. Electronically, the TRM can be used via your own website using a TRM link through other preferred online activities.

Segmented communication
Talent Relationship Manager (TRM) allows you to reach students and graduates using TRM-database tailor made for your company or our database, which has more than 15,000 students gathered at our career fairs, open houses and events.
Our TRM system is designed to facilitate the search and the retention of students and graduates using targeted communication. Talent Relationship Management allows your company to select students in our database using predefined skills / experience or knowledge, such as: study line, graduation year, geographic location or other preferences that can be defined by your recruitment needs.

Long-term communication strategy / Employer Branding
TRM allows you to maintain a long-term communication, extending your brand exposure between the students and graduates, since information can be sent to target students, wherever is needed. TRM will help you to build interest, loyalty and motivation in the students mind, towards future recruitment.

With a TRM subscription, you can measure your employer branding activities at two levels:

  • After a career fair or an Open House, you can get an overview of how many talents were registered and their profiles including an a/b/c categorization defined by you. This will guarantee your company an effective way to measure and evaluate your employer branding/recruiting activities.
  • By having TRM available at your own domain (TRM extended), you will be able to measure where your inquiries come from, facilitating the evaluation of marketing activities / campaign activities. This feature will also assist you in the customization of your marketing and social media efforts continuously.

For more information about talent relationship management, registration, implementation or other inquiries, please contact us.

Need inspiration for your fair stall?

Organization and collaborations

The Career Days is owned and managed by Manova.
In Aalborg, the fair is held in close cooperation with Aalborg University under the name “Karrieremessen”.
In the other cities, there is a close cooperation with a large number of higher educational institutions, such as the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus School of Business, Energinet etc.

Feel free to contact us for further information about our collaborators and marketing efforts.

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