Recruit new professionals

On The Career Days, graduates and students from the country's higher education meet with Danish and international companies. The meeting is crucial, as we can hereby sincerely feel if there is a mutual potential for employment. Get insight into the candidates' professionalism and become clearer about how the candidates can create value in your organization.

Challenge your recruitment strategy

The candidates on The Career Days are curious about who you are as a workplace, your ongoing projects and the collegiate relationship. They may have read about you on your website, but they want to know more!
Tommy Ahlers spoke at the Career Days in Copenhagen 2020, and he urged the candidates to think broadly in the job search. The same goes for you. You might encounter educational directions that you did not know existed, or candidates that you initially do not see as potentially professionally qualified for your organization. Be open and attentive to the candidates’ competencies, development potential and personality – rather than focusing on an educational title.

Improved employer brand

On The Career Days, your knowledge of graduates will increase, and candidates will get to know who you are as a workplace. You will meet graduates from social sciences, economics, IT, natural sciences, humanities and health sciences.

We conduct a wide range of career events, inspiring lectures in combination with the dialogue with the candidates.

The Career Days are intensively marketed to students and recent graduates through our partners, universities, professional organizations and many other channels.

Organization and collaborations

The Career Days is owned and managed by Manova.
In Aalborg, the fair is held in close cooperation with Aalborg University under the name “Karrieremessen”.
In the other cities, there is a close cooperation with a large number of higher educational institutions, such as the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus School of Business, Energinet etc.

Feel free to contact us for further information about our collaborators and marketing efforts by sending a message to: