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At CareerDays graduates and students from Denmark’s higher educational institutions meet with national and international companies. Here you will be able to gain insight into the candidates and get a better understanding of how they can create value for your organization.

What is careerdays?

Insight, Inspiration & Investment

CareerDays is a fundamental source of inspiration. At CareerDays you will increase your awareness about recently graduated candidates. The candidates attending CareerDays are curious to know who you are as a company, what current projects you are working on and how the work environment is in your specific company. You will be encountering a great number of students who will inspire you to new ways of strengthening your company. 


We believe that the best match is made when the company and the employee share the same values. We make that match possible through direct meetings. Through face-to-face conversations we can truly tell if there is a mutual potential for employment. By hiring the right employee, your company will be making a long-term investment by adding competent and passionate employees to your team. 

meet your new colleagues in real life

Opportunities as exhibitor

CareerDays is more than just a meeting point for students, companies and organizations. CareerDays is also a great opportunity for Employer Branding, so you can clarify who you are, what you stand for and ultimately attract the right employees. 


CareerDays is a unique opportunity to brand yourself towards future specialists and leaders. Here the awareness of your company will increase among students and new graduates – through your communication, visuals and your representatives.


  • Get a stand with your messages og visuals.
  • Meet young people at eyelevel.
  • Use dialog to discuss relevant competencies and values.
  • Attract and recruit desired profiles.

Company profile

In the weeks prior to CareerDays and at the actual fair a free catalog will be distributed to the attendees. You can also have en online profile on our website. The catalog will contain information about exhibitors, stand plans, description of talks and articles regarding job search.

Company profile

  • Get increased awareness with information and advertisement.
  • The catalog will be handed out to thousands of potential employees.
  • Get an online profile on our website with logo, information and video.
  • Professional layout.


Get exposure and share your own content on our social medias. We share content intensively prior to the four events. We will also sent your company a SoMe package with content for your own SoMe platforms.


  • Gain awareness on our different platforms.
  • Share your own content.
  • Receive content from CareerDays for your own platforms.

who is attending careerdays?


CareerDays is aimed at all students who are about to finish their studies and new graduates from the danish universities. Therefore, to attend CareerDays you must currently be taking, or have taken, a higher education. 


At CareerDays you will be able to meet students who are at bachelor, master or PhD. -level from the universities. Moreover, you will meet new graduates who have been on the job market for no more than 5 years. 

Field of study


CareerDays is aimed at students and new graduates from a broad range of studies. As an exhibitor you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with engineers, economists, IT developers, students from human studies, science talents and a plethora of other highly educated people. 

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careerdays is a part of


CareerDays is a part of Manova. At Manova our field of expertise is attracting, maintaining and developing the young generation. Since 1996 our work has been concentrated around matching young people with jobs and education, and we have significant insight into the younger generation’s preferences on education, job and career. This insight we have obtained by meeting with the young people at our education- and career fairs, and by developing young talents at team and recruitment seminars. 

Furthermore, we have gained a significant amount of knowledge about students through intelligent use of data and technology which we use for campaign strategies and in analyses of the younger generation. Because of this Manova is able to provide its customers with coherent and competent guidance. 

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